Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Plays Arizona State-Boise State, Texans-Colts

MAACO Bowl Boise State vs. Arizona State predictions as well as Texans vs. Colts odds picks are up for tonight from the top sports handicappers at

NFL Thursday Night Football on NFL Network, ESPN college football bowl coverage and college basketball picks reign supreme Thursday.

No football tout service has ever had a better NFL betting season than the wunderkinds of the The Canadian Crew. It has been fantastic seasons in both collegiate and pro football led by a 51-22 mark in the NFL. It's a season that will be remember for decades and more winners are coming. Get the Thursday Night Combo Best Bet of the Year Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts, Boise State vs. Arizona State are so strong, so powerful that both are named plays.

No service ever handicaps a game more thoroughly than the Canadian Crew. Key situations that foretell one-sided games are our specialty. Get that times two tonight.

One play yesterday from Matt Rivers and that 400,000* on Louisiana Tech cashed that ticket in extremely easy fashion. It's now 7 of 9 winning days and what appears to be yet another one of my patented monster runs. Two more winners today as I make it 8 of 10 positive days led by my 400,000* college hoops dog of the year plus a bonus 300,000* involving the Texans and Colts. I'm on-fire, have been pretty much for all of 2011 and have a "Play of the Year" going. Please, for your sake, don't watch me celebrate tomorrow, celebrate with me says Rivers.

College basketball offers great opportunity says Key Play of the Day. Our private database and Accurscore both give a night college hardwood game one of the best chances to cover all season. GreyMatterStats, Feist fast and slow lines, KenPom and a key opening line source all have this line significantly off. Vegas whales tell us why the oddsmakers had to adjust to the donks. They are specific. They also tell us why a key injury update is ignored in tonight's point spread.

The whale intelligence is annotated in bullet point style along with the substantial corroboration from a majority of reputable artificial intelligence derivations.

Another great year has more than a week left. For the 8th time in 10 years, Bill Tanner has pretty much clinched a profit in baseball, college football, pro football, college basketball, and pro basketball. He even turned a small profit with his limited NHL picks. Lately he's hit 25-of-36 in the NFL. He has four winners Thursday, the NFL and NCAAF sides and two locks in basketball including a Platinum Play winner on ESPN2 Illinois vs. Missouri.

GodsTips says it's time to expose myths. It is imperative that you realize, not one but two of the biggest bowl betting myths—perhaps the two biggest that squares give money to the bookmakers with apply tonight. We are specific. Long time clients have not only won, but frankly saved a ton of money not falling into these urban legends over the decades. There is no such thing as a sure thing, but over the decades we've turned frowns upside down at least 60-65 percent of the time exploiting these betting lies. It's must read and the first time either has applied this postseason.

The bowls and March Madness always have and always will be our right of possession. In the midst of another spectacular year, quite frankly anyone and everyone who gives a flip about long-term winning is a permanent client of ours. For those who care about what we've done lately, we are 9-4 in the NFL including a moneyline gift on San Diego +125. Now get the Texans-Colts side and total plus the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl winner as well. Also four college basketball locks have been added including two Wise Guy plays.

Now to MasterLockLine. Wunderdog Sports is No. 9 all-time in football and No. 11 all sports.  A significant percentage of their losers were actually cancelled out by superior service plays. Hence in terms of winning percentage, they are now. No. 2 since 2009 in terms of picks re-released on the MasterLockLine. Arizona State/Boise football side

Sports service out of the Twin Ports is the No. 1 NCAAF and No. 5 NFL and NCAAF combined since the start of the 2009 season. Their top ranked plays are Pinnacle Plays. Pinnacle Bowl Total of the Year ASU/Boise State

The Duke, Jonathan Mardukas built up a large scorephone following over the last dozen or so years.  With a database that goes back to 1980 the MasterLockLine say he is the top ranked college and pro football handicapper EVER. Biggest regular season side or total pick in three years on the Colts/Texans over/under.

The Great One Stevie Vincent is loaded Thursday. Get the Thursday night pro football over/under on Houston/Indianapolis. Also get Level 5 game side and over/under plays on the collegiate hardwood plus a pro hockey Level 5 lock. Wow!

He is without question the premier handicapper on the west coast. It's no surprise that Vic Duke, on an 18-9 football tear, has a strong winner on tonight's MAACO Bowl, Arizona State and Boise State. Let the great years of winning continue. Click now to purchase every bet needed for tonight.


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