Saturday, December 24, 2011

NFL Picks For Christmas Eve

It's week 16 NFL picks led by Vic Duke with the Eagles-Cowboys, not to mention Southern Miss-Nevada winners, all at

What are the biggest sports service picks for week 16 NFL odds? It's starts out with groundbreaking handicapper Stevie Vincent.

A universal NFL betting alert has been issued for all gamblers in every country worldwide. Christmas Eve day has an event of Biblical proportions from a proven and vetted handicapper.

Hide the women and children. Empty the vault, because it is here. The Great One Stevie Vincent has the Fortune 500 Best Bet of the Year going early among three pro football winners, two game sides and two over/unders. This is a game that all gamblers must bet.

With so many checks and balances, it's no wonder that the Key POD is the rage of the industry. Winning does that. Artificial and human intelligence using a methodology consistent with the scientific method. The POD is 66-38 all-time including Richmond last night. Pro gambler Fezzik agrees with powerful artificial intelligence that says a total early today is a gift. Jump on it now.

Bill Tanner has a huge Platinum Play that will shock the world. There are four underdogs of a touchdown or more. One has a great chance at an upset and will certainly cover the spread. Bill gives the reasons why. He will improve to 28-12 in the NFL with a 3-0 sweep for Saturday. Get this fantastic card now. It will be a good day for dogs and Bill has the reasons.

There has been so much winning this year from the Canadian Crew. Get used to it as even more is on the way. The wunderkinds are 51-23 this season starting with NFLX. Now get two more winners including the NFL Best Bet of the Month. How about a 2-0 Christmas sweep?

Matt Rivers says when you're in the zone you're in the zone and that is exactly the way to describe things. Friday's slate was weak except for the 300,000* winner on UNLV and I conquered once again going away. The profit has been sick for pretty much all of 2011 and as I have said for a while I'm going to finish up strong and boy have I ever!

A trio of fire-hot locks are on the docket today led by a 400,000* involving the 49ers and Seahawks. I have nailed three in a row on or against San Francisco including two monster 500,000* two weeks ago with the Cardinals in an outright and with the Ravens on Thanksgiving in the cover. Am I fading again or jumping on Jim Harbaugh's side today? Bonus 300,000* Nevada-Southern Mississippi and a 200,000* Chargers-Lions. It's not too late to jump on that bus but it's filling up so get on board with Rivers.

Wagner beating Pitt is an upset? Not! America's Greatest had it as the College Basketball Game of the Month.

America's Greatest is ready to continue the great century of football. Actually we go back to last century, the mid 80s scorephone days of the Amazing Cadillac Club, the NFL Specialists. Get two more Wise Guy plays among five NFL winners.

Both Luther Wade and Marco D'Angelo have their NFL Game of the Year on the same side. Wade is a Top 10 handicapper since 1997 in both NFL and overall and D'Angelo is the GM of a high profile gambling site.

Jared Lindsey a handicapper out of Sarasota, FL is among the Top 5 handicappers all sports combined since 1995-present. Stats are out of 620 services monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on ONE unit per play. We release his 5* plays. An expert on "statistically significant" raw data, he is widely accepted as the top late and postseason handicapper in the world. NFL 5* Lock of the Year Jacksonville/Tennessee.

"The Duke" Victor Duke is 18-10 the last 28 football. Get his Hawaii Bowl side up now for Christmas Eve night. Now get three NFL winners including the marquee Eagles vs. Cowboys as a rare 3-unit bombshell. Get all the winners for NFL picks.


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