Monday, January 02, 2012

Penn State-Houston Predictions, Florida vs. Ohio State Pick, Stanford vs. Oklahoma State

The best free sports picks for today's bowl are up and so are the top premium picks.

There is literally no debate inside gambling's inner circle on both sides of the window—cyber and otherwise.  GodsTips, tracing our roots to the scorephone days of the 1980s, is the top sports betting service in world history. Get the 2011-12 Bowl Game of the Year on Penn State-Houston among three Wise Guy plays in college football, six bowl sides in all.

Michigan State/Georgia is the Chairman's Club O/U of the Year among three bowl over/under and a bowl side. Also get a pro basketball Level 5. The Great One Stevie Vincent is proven to be the ultimate expert totals handicapper on earth and today reinforces why.

Don't let Bill Tanner's 31-13 NFL tear take away from his overall domination. Bill is 16-8 overall, fresh off a 3-0 sweep.

Nebraska vs. South Carolina, Oregon vs. Wisconsin are Platinum Plays. Bill Tanner is winding down yet another magnificent college football season, but he says some of the strongest plays all season are ahead. What a card today.

There is no debate the strongest totals play on the early kickoff between Houston and Penn State comes from Vic Duke. He also had the Michigan State/Georgia totals bet up now too. Cap has added the Florida and Ohio State side and total after researching into the morning.

In all sports combined, when a service is ranked No. 1 in a major category (see details below) and has their Game of the Year (pre, regular, or postseason), it has hit 12-of-15 on the MasterLockLine. For the first time ever it applies twice.

The No. 1 college and NFL service combined, the last two years combined, is a service out of Texas. They have their Bowl Lock of the Year on Michigan State/Georgia

No. 1 NCAAF service the last four years combined is a service out of the Pacific Northwest. They also have hit 8-of-10 bowl picks entering today. College Football Postseason Game of the Year on Florida/Ohio State

Wunderdog Sports is No. 10 all-time in football and No. 14 all sports.  A significant percentage of their losers were actually cancelled out by superior service plays. Hence in terms of winning percentage, they are now. No. 3 since 2009 in terms of picks re-released on the MasterLockLine. Florida/Ohio State over/under

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate which dominated Asian and European soccer for years has now taken over the North American sports scene. Pop's syndicate is the most requested source of winners in the history of the SuperLockLine and MasterLockLine. Only total for today is on Houston/Penn State

Matt Rivers says I dominated in 2011 and told you that I was going to do the same in 2012 and day one was just that. A 400,000* winner on the Giants going away along with a 200,000* winner on the Jets in sweet backdoor fashion. Right around 500,000* of profit on the day and another 500,000* is here on a bowl Monday. 300,000* Wisconsin-Oregon along with a 200,000* Stanford-Oklahoma State. I will win yet again, you can bet on that!

The wunderkinds finish the pre and regular season a stunning combined 55-26. It's too easy. Now back to bowl winning. Get the Penn State/Houston side winner right now. Click now to purchase any and all of today's needed picks.


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