Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday March Madness and NCAA Tournament Big Dance Predictions From Experts

Every play from every handicappers is at 2:45 ET or later for NBA or all college basketball tournaments.

Vic Duke Exclusives are 28-12 all-time when rated 3-Units or higher. He has not had one since Wednesday. Now get the first of the NCAA Tournament and it is his biggest release in his history and one of the biggest bets ever released by any handicapper in any sport. Talk about a slam-dunk no-brainer: St. Louis/Michigan State bombshell for the ages.

Pro gambler (we name him) has what equals his biggest bet of the tournament on Purdue/Kansas. Private database gives an 88.198 chance of covering to this side. That's no surprise. The private database employs the parameters, algorithms, and pythagorean calculations that the pro gambling computer boys have beaten the bookmakers with for decades.

A universal basketball gambling flash bulletin has been issued. The founder of forensic sports handicapping has an Inner Circle NCAA Tournament winner among two Level 5 plays from the Big Dance. Also get an NIT Level 5 and pro basketball Level 5 as well. The Dallas Mavericks made TGO 16-4 the last 20 Level 5 plays.

The power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has the Sunday menu up.

Bo Eason is the No. 1 ranked handicapper all sports combined since 1990.  His 10*s have turned a profit in every sport (college and pro counted separately) literally every year since 1990. St. Louis vs. Michigan State is his NCAA Tournament Game of the Year

No. 1 handicapper for both the month of March in college basketball and No. 1 during the NCAA Tournament has their Big Dance Lock of the Year on Lehigh/Xavier side

Las Vegas service is No. 1 for 2010-12 all sports combined. Their highest ranked plays are "four weight," though both three and four-weight plays are hitting above 68 percent the last two years. Four weight on Purdue/Kansas

Free picks for sports betting are also up. Now to Bill Tanner. He is the only handicapper ranked Top 15 all-time units won in every American sport: NFL, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, and MLB.

Florida State Seminoles vs. Cincinnati Bearcats is the #1 Best Bet Total of the NCAA Tournament. This is an absolute must-bet. Bill has not seen a total this strong in the Big Dance in several years. He explains why. The top basketball handicapper alive also has the top side on the board. All the above: get $163 worth of picks for $16.

The Center of the Handicapping Universe GodsTips has four more NCAA Tournament winners, plus two more from the NIT. We go 3-1-1 with NCAA Tournament sides on Saturday and even better Sunday.  Two NBA Wise Guy plays have been added. Wise Guy plays from GodsTips are widely accepted by virtually every bookmaker, Vegas runner, pro bettor, Vegas insider, oddsmaker, and fellow handicappers alike as the strongest pick in sports gambling.

The wunderkinds of the Canadian Crew know it's not the high profile games that always bring the money. Sunday, the NIT Best Bet of Year is easily and we do mean easily the best bet on the board. Get this winner now. What a mismatch spread wise. How can the oddsmakers be this far off? March Madness betting picks are up and more at


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