Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet 16 Betting Lines and Predictions

Sweet 16 picks and predictions are up on, the universally respected sports handicapping website and clearinghouse for pro gamblers.

Syracuse vs. Wisconsin, Ohio State vs. Cincinnati, Michigan State vs. Louisville and Marquette vs. Florida are tonight's Sweet 16 betting predictions. Here is the breakdown of who is hot and who has the big bets, which includes not just the NCAA Tournament Big Dance March Madness but also NBA odds.  Free sports picks are also up.

It's tough to describe how good of a season the wunderkinds of the Canadian Crew have had since the beginning. But let's talk about the future. No, not yet about how the fantasy and rotisserie baseball gurus overlap that knowledge with betting, but how Thursday the College Basketball Best Bet of the Week between Wisconsin and Syracuse tops the list of two Big Dance boppers. Get out the broom now.

Today's winner has it all on the Key Play of the Day: service picks and we use names, overwhelming computer angles (we unlock them inside), computer simulators and projections (we name them), and so much more. It's at 7:15 ET Syracuse and Wisconsin. Get it on

A great three for Matt Rivers in terms of days and winners over the last 72 hours after the Cavaliers came through with the utmost of ease last night. Shoot, Cleveland had that game won, as in outright, and somehow lost the six-point lead in overtime in they still easy cover. Two more fire hot locks are here for Thursday and they come in the form of the Sweet 16. A 400,000* and a 200,000* will equal another 600,000* to go along with the million stars over these trio of days. Here we go baby!

A national betting advisory has been issued for all American based sports gamblers. March Madness profits continue at a record pace as The Great One Stevie Vincent has the NCAA Tournament Total of the Century among three big winners. The top angle in each game is 30-3.

MasterLockLine exclusive: We've developed data mining software that finds out what happens when two or more top sports services agree in the same side. When Larry Ness has a 10* and Paul Leiner a 100* on the same total in NCAAB, it is 6-0 this season. It applies tonight on a total from the NCAA Tournament

Mark Lawrence is ranked in the Top 50 overall handicappers both all-time in the last 10 years combined. He is the anchor handicapper on an affiliated network of sites.  4* play Cincinnati/Ohio State side.

In the continued evolution of GodsTips, a handicapping audit has shown that our winning percentage in basketball will rise if we weigh offensive and defensive efficiency statistics more heavily. The data is indisputable and overwhelming. In both college and NBA we apply this innovation more than ever commencing today. Get two, yes two NBA Wise Guy plays in addition to the college basketball. We tell you why a total is distorted in part because a team won't be able to maintain their efficiency rating tonight and we are very specific as to why!

Get at least the four-day pass as Friday's card is even stronger than today's. But today's is a beauty as well. Here's why. Offensive and defensive efficiency stats play a huge dividend in one play, while personnel matchups do in yet another. We are very specific to the data and the personnel mismatches that are not accounted for in the lines. We break down why.

Bill is indisputably agreed to as the best college basketball handicapper in each of the last two centuries. Tonight he has all four NCAA Tournament locks. This includes two Platinum Plays Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Ohio State Buckeyes and Florida Gators vs. Marquette Golden Eagles. Get the locks now Network



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