Monday, September 14, 2015

MNF Best Bets 49ers-Vikings, Falcons-Eagles Odds

Sportsbook trends for the ESPN double-header are showing that gamblers are sticking to the usual tendencies and biases. As per usual, the public favors the road favorite and the over.

NFL bettors are confident of finishing off a spectacular week 1 of betting with the traditional week 1 Monday Night Football double-header. At 7:10 ET, the Philadelphia Eagles are at the Atlanta Falcons laying 3-points on the road with just -105 juice. The total is 54.5. The Minnesota Vikings are at the San Francisco 49ers. The Vikings are laying -1.5 with a total of 41.5.

In the early contest, 75 percent of spread bets are on the Eagles with 74 on the over. A similar ratio is on the 10:20 ET kickoff with 72 percent on the Vikings and 73 percent on the over.

Now for spread betting intel on the two games:


Spread trends (all records against the spread): Philadelphia is 10-4 MNF, while Atlanta is 2-7 on turf.

Over/under angles: Philadelphia has gone over 4-0 MNF and 7-2 overall. The Falcons have gone under 9-3 overall.


Spread trends (all records against the spread): Minnesota is 0-6 on Monday Night Football, while San Francisco is a stunning 23-6 under the same situation.

Over/under angles: San Francisco has gone under 6-1 at home, while Minnesota has gone over 7-2 on Monday Night Football.

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